Over 40 Women Kick Off ‘Seder Nashim’ Program

Over 40 Women Kick Off ‘Seder Nashim’ Program

May 7, 2023

This week, Machon Lemaan Yilmedu's first cohort of "Seder Nashim," an in-depth halacha learning program for women, began with over forty women.

The first shiur, on Hilchos Shabbos, took place at the Lemaan Yilmedu learning center on Empire Boulevard in Crown Heights. Women from the community attended in person while those who don't live in the area participated via Zoom.

Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun, mara d'asra and member of the Crown Heights beis din, began the program with divrei bracha to the participating women. Rabbi Braun emphasized the importance of learning halacha in general and women learning halacha in particular, since women are in the home and in the kitchen and it's vital that they know the halachos, as the Rebbe urged regarding the three mitzvos that pertain particularly to N'Shei u'Bnos Yisrael.

The principal, Mrs. Mimi Bisk gave an overview of the learning that will take place over a year's time, five months on Hilchos Shabbos, four months on Hilchos Kashrus, and three months on Hilchos Taharas Ha'Mishpacha.

The first shiur was on the klalim of melachos in Hilchos Shabbos. Mrs. Nechama Samuels, who gives the classes, explained the difference between avos and toldos, between issurei d'oraisa and issurei d'rabanan, and other important concepts like "grama" and "psik reishei." The shiur was accompanied by slides to make the learning more understandable. This is in addition to the printed material that all participants received for use in preparing for class and in reviewing what was taught.

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Introducing Seder Nashim

Introducing Seder Nashim

Lemaan Yilemdu invites you to join an intensive higher-education program tailored for the knowledge-driven woman. Enhance your life by mastering subjects in Halacha and immerse in advance Torah knowledge in order to live, learn, and lead.