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Hilchos Shabbos

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Hilchos Shabbos

Work through

Hilchos Shabbos

in order to rest.

Ah, Shabbos. A break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but one that comes with a whole new set of complex Halachos. In this course, you will explore the 39 malachos in a modern context, discover the intricacies of muktzah, and master relevant Shabbos Halachos to enhance your day of rest.

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About the Course

Shabbos comes weekly and is a huge part of our lives. Hilchos Shabbos is an area in halacha with so many intricate details and often leads to complex halachic questions that we need answered in real time.

Situations and questions arise such as: Am I allowed to add water to a crockpot? How can I heat up food on Shabbos day? Can I apply powder makeup? Is spraying perfume permitted? Can I move the box of matches that is on the Shabbos table? I left my phone on my bed before Shabbos, can I sleep in my bed?

Participants in the Hilchos Shabbos track of Lemaan Yilmedu Seder Nashim will explore the halachos of Shabbos in a way never taught before! Custom course materials provide easy to understand translations and helpful visual aids to ensure that all the minute details of the halachos are crystal clear.

If learning Hilchos Shabbos has always been something that you wanted to do but was always moved to the back burner, this course is perfect for you. Light up your day of rest by mastering the Halachos of Shabbos.

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Course Curriculum

The curriculum covers all 39 melachos with an emphasis on the practical - halacha l'maaseh - how the halacha in Shulchan Aruch is applied to our modern-day circumstances. The program also covers the halachos of Shabbos not included in the 39 melachos, such as kiddush, havdala, hadlokas neiros, muktza and eiruvin.

The Syllabus
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The Experience


Relevant Subjects and Material

Our courses and lessons focus on pertinent halachos in a Jewish woman’s day-to-day life. The classes are centered on actionable mitzvos in practical terms.


Our teachers are all experts in their fields and excel in clarity and making things practical. Every teacher is dedicated to seeing the success of their students and ensuring you are prepared for the exams.

Exclusive English
Study Aids Package

Our in-house team has created study aids on every topic in clear, crisp English. Visualizations and diagrams ensure the material is readily grasped, and summaries mean full retention of the subject matter.

and Guidance

Our staff are always there for you, ready to answer any questions during or after class. A dedicated online forum facilitates robust discussion between students and teachers even after class is over.

Our Exclusive Curriculum

Designed by an in-house team of scholars, our syllabus is all in English, including our exclusive booklets of summaries and visualizations. The curriculum is structured to appeal to learners of all kinds. Whether you are a visual, auditory or logical learner, you will leave with a firm grasp of the material.